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Welcome to the world of net. Perhaps you recall the classic net bag from the days of our grandmothers. Back in those days they weren't so well crafted, and often sagged like a noodle to the ground under the weight of their groceries. We've succeeded in dusting off this hundred-year-old tradition and now manufacture Czech Net Bags in our protected workshops that are colorful, decorated, and chic. What's more, we've provided our Czech Net Bags a hint of innovation and creativity, as well as the perfect amount of flexibility.

Český výrobek

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly portable sack or shopping bag that can carry more than you can, you’re in the right place. Every net bag that leaves our workshops is an original. Sewn according to patented patterns, many of our Czech Net Bags are crafted by hand. And because we believe in sharing, we collaborate with many protected workshops throughout the Czech Republic. The Czech Net Bag also boasts the seal of a genuine Czech Product.

 Aside from classic cotton net bags we are constantly developing of new and innovative bags. Our offering includes a net purse with a removable inner pocket that allows you to change colors and fine weave net bags decorated with original DEERS jewelry. Our selection is truly rich and diverse. Our cotton baskets, for example, are prized by mothers as they make for great bags on strollers. This portable bag in the form of a woven net takes up almost no space at all, yet can carry a massive grocery purchase, and belongs in the pocket or purse of anyone who wants to move away from plastic shopping bags and go ECO.

In addition to our eshop, Czech Net Bags can be purchased in select stores all across the Czech Republic and regularly appears at such markets as Dyzajnmarket, Náplavce, and Kulaťáku in Prague’s Dejvice.

Want to design your own bag? Soon you’ll be able to make your own original Czech Net Bag from top to bottom. For now, we offer custom Czech Net Bags that can be used as promotional or gift bags, or even gift bags for weddings. You choose the color, as well as your own textile tag or wooden beads bearing your name, or even original paper wrapping that includes a wedding invitation or the date of your wedding. The many notable customers use the Czech Net Bag as a promotional premium or their own private label include Kofola, Skanska, Allianz, BMW, Kaufland, and Siemens. And yet we value every customer, and you don’t have to order hundreds of items to enjoy the luxury of your own original bag. Just get in touch and we’ll make it happen.







The net bag, or “sitovka”, was invented and first manufactured in 1926 by the skilled Czech entrepreneur Vavřín Krčil. At first this entirely new product aroused a certain skepticism from early customers. But this was soon overcome when they grasped the utilitarian and fashion value of the product – the net bag is strong, inexpensive, light, and portable, a bag for every purpose. As its popularity increased, Krčil expanded the scale of production and the scope of his sales.


Soon he was selling net bags for shopping, outings, expeditions, sports, and games, to be worn on the elbow, over the shoulder, on a woman’s bicycle, and more. Before the war Krčil began exporting net bags to Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and even Africa. Outside of Krčil’s company, and due in no small part to Vavřín’s insufficient patent protection at the time, net bags began production in Switzerland and Italy and over time spread throughout the world. This expansion was brought to a temporary halt by the war, the nationalization of Krčil’s business, and in the end… by the single-use plastic shopping bag as a symbol of progress throughout the world.


The new history of the net bag began in 2012, when the new brand of Czech Net Bag was born under the leadership of founder Karolína Pechová with an ever-expanding portfolio of products. She has delivered her customers almost 400,000 net bags and is now exporting the Czech Net Bag abroad as well. It is popular, for example, in Australia, and in the future Karolina hopes to deliver her bags to coastal countries suffering from problems associated with waste from plastic shopping bags.